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Originally Posted by Jeff in AL View Post

Secondly, to compare the Stihl FS90 4-Mix to the Husqvarna 223L 2-Stroke is like comparing apples to balloons... Not much in common between them except that they are both trimmers. I mean an F-350 and a Ranger are both trucks too.

Thank you for your time and perhaps one day I may be able to help you!

The F350 and Ranger both have a place in the truck world. Not every trimmer needs to be an "F350", and yet it seems a lot of individuals who posts do not take that into consideration. As for me, I'd love to have a new Ranger--maybe even an old one, and consider myself lucky to have a new Husky 223L (also have an old Shin 270 when I need a muscle trimmer). Nothing bad to say about the FS90--just don't need one.
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