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Originally Posted by Jeff in AL View Post
Perhaps you suspected wrong!

Fact is, the 4-Mix HAS been an overwhelming success! Why do other OEM's have 4-stroke versions if they were not successful?

I'm not sure where you get your information from, but I would strongly urge you to do some research before making those bold statements... Perhaps you might then understand how companies like Stihl and others are able to comply with EPA Regulations on the "cleaner" 4-stroke units they produce and earn "credits" on their sales. The OEM's can then use the "credits" to produce units that are not as clean such as the 2-strokes even though they need to meet the minimum EPA Regulations.
This is exactly the case with the Stihl FS94! Stihl used "credits" gained from the sales of the 4-Mix units to produce the 2-stroke FS94!

Perhaps Stihl has seen your post here and didn't feel they needed to respond to your email?

FYI, I ran the FS94 Thursday and it is a throwback to the FS80, FS85 and looks very close at first glance to that era of engines! But when you open the hood, it is night and day! It is light weight and fairly peppy!

They are due to be released and in dealers in November...
No disrespect but one 4-Mess was enough for me. All three dealers in my town will sell 10 2-stroke trimmers to one 4-Mess. That's their words not mine. Maybe just mine was a turd and the dealers here are biased. I'm OK with that. I hope Stihl uses their "credits" well to build a good trimmer in the FS94.
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