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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
That is a big job. Nice work! Very neatly done. Do you spray to kill what was there or does your implement (I have forgotten what it is called but remember other posts about it) adequately destroy and incorporate it? What amount of spoils, if any, had to be removed from this job?
Its been sitting bare dirt all summer. I was going install it in April was to wet then when it did dry out We was burning up so wasn't a good time to do it.

Was just little grass up close to house that owner tried to seed this spring.

Turf Shaper is the implement you are talking about

We put half seed down with it and other half we broadcast it across

The area was 64,000 sf

So far Tuesday evening The lawn got 1/2 of rain and not sure what he got today
I got 2'' at my house This lawn is 35 miles NW of me out in the sticks

In 2weeks I'll do a re visit and apply slow release Fert I'll take pics of the stand of grass
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