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Looking at getting a new Toro grandstand

I'm looking at getting a new Toro grandstand 36 or 40". I've been reading the posts I can find here and of course a lot are contradictory. I've had a Wright Stander 32" since 2005. I got it because I needed to get through some 36" gates at the time. It's starting to cost money and time on repairs now and I'm looking to get something new that will last me till I retire. I'm 62 and figure another 4 or 5 years unless I win a lottery. The dealer I have handles Toro and Stander. I want a stander type and I need to get through 48" gates on some properties. I want a rapid height adjustment and it's going to be one or the other, 36 or 40" Toro. On my stander I wound up changing the tires to 16x8.5x8 from the 16x6.5x8 because it rutted so much, it's still not great. My thoughts are the 40" has slightly wider tires than the 36 which would help the alleviate the rutting somewhat but is it much better than the 36". Some comments say the 40" deck with three 14" blades doesn't cut as well as the 36 with two 18" blades. Looking for thoughts on this from people that have either unit on the cutting qualities and rutting. My Stander is quite a bit lighter , a little over 600lbs. The Toro's are much heavier, although even that is hard to pin down 756 and 773 in the manual and 779 and 790 respectively on the website. Looking for thoughts on these two units. My dealer doesn't handle Scag, Exmark, etc. etc. so just looking for comments on these two units. I'm in the north with cool season grasses.
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