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Originally Posted by Forever Green Landscaping View Post
What will your insurance company/ police do if that employee gets in an accident or severe accident and injures or kills another person. Will they deny your claim?
I can personally attest to this liability.....
Several years ago, I hired a guy to help me with my maintenance accounts. One day he comes into work a bit out of sorts. He was coherent, but was acting like he had just woken up. I asked him if he was okay, and he brightened up real quick. While out working, he came within 1/2" of plowing into a natural gas meter with my big mower at full speed. When I saw it happen, I just about died. Long story short, he was smoking weed earlier that day--he got terminated.
Had he hit that pipe on the meter (and sheared it), there would have been a fireball the size of a semi. The neighborhood was a cluster home community with no more than 5' between houses, so many would have likely burned down. My $2M in liability insurance wouldn't have even covered half the damages.
Moral of the story: if you use any substance that causes impairment of motor skills, you won't have a job with me.
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