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Originally Posted by WayneJessie View Post
No disrespect but one 4-Mess was enough for me. All three dealers in my town will sell 10 2-stroke trimmers to one 4-Mess. That's their words not mine. Maybe just mine was a turd and the dealers here are biased. I'm OK with that. I hope Stihl uses their "credits" well to build a good trimmer in the FS94.
Yeah, I got it and I'm pretty sure we ALL got it...You don't like Stihl 4-Mix units because the ONE you purchased in 2000 had problems! Get over it already!

I'm not sure why you are so excited about the FS94, you know you will hate it as it won't compare to your other equipment brands that you have NEVER had any problems with.

8 out of 10 units I sell to commercial cutters are an FS90. Why? Well, it doesn't mattery why as you wouldn't understand or care to understand why. The point is, they are a VERY popular unit across the country and around the world.

Best of luck to ya!
Jeff in AL

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