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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
From a rebuilder who rebuilds systems all day he called it disposable junk. It works for me but I have heard that from a few hydraulic sources not just one.

They actually say the quality on alot of this stuff is going down, cheaper metals and so forth.

Most of the systems they rebuild have hydraulics that cost way and I mean way more than ZTR's. When you have a hydraulic system where the parts cost 10's of thousands then it makes much more sense to rebuild at 60% cost of new. He was just making the point that the ZTR stuff was not worth their time and said a Hustler HD in minimum they would bother with.

It has real pumps and a hot shuttle.
The people who built the space shuttle would probably say the guy who told you that worked on junk, just like guys who work on commercial Z's would probably say home owner grade Z's have junk hydro's in them. It's just a matter of perspective (and ego). There's nothing low grade or throw away about today's commercial grade transmissions.
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