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To be quite honest... John Albert Burr, not to many people know the historic background to lawn care, so this is who I would choose, for those who don't know, John was the first person to invent the first rotary-blade lawn mower, back in 1899

Some questions I would ask would be...
  • What did people think of his model when he first came out with it?
  • Did you ever think of starting a Lawn Maintenance Company? lol
  • Then i'd tell him how much we appreciate his lawn mower here in the 21st century!

Thanks to this smart man, we have the beautiful lawns we have today! Other wise we would be using scissors!!

Here was his old model....

Thank You....Not only a response but now your all a bit smarter too because of my mini-history lesson ahaha
Paul Rocco
Hometown Lawn Care

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