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Originally Posted by DawsonLC View Post
It will fit the 900 series, I bought one for my 820A. It was ok, not great but it let me cut faster on rough ground than I could without it.
With that said.........

It's nowhere near as good as the factory suspension seat that I bought for the 930M and yes it does not have as much "padding" as the standard seat but the extra padding is not needed. This operates more like an air ride seat, it never bottoms out like the one from ebay.
There are several models on e-bay, that's why there's different prices. Some fit the 800's with a bit of work, some don't. That one I said didn't, I was informed was for the older 700 series and will not fit the 900's. I've been on both the new JD sus seat, and the insert like I have. I'll take mine any day, thanks. Mine doesn't bottom out unless a hit a really harsh bump either. It just needs to be adjusted correctly. The new sus seat will bottom out on the same bump.

Just wanted to add:
Not only does the new JD sus seat cost a ton more than the insert if you want to add it on to an existing machine, it won't fit the 2012 and older machines without a bunch of work. That was the first thing I checked into when they were announced.

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