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Originally Posted by Jeff in AL View Post

I'm not sure why you are so excited about the FS94, you know you will hate it as it won't compare to your other equipment brands that you have NEVER had any problems with.

Best of luck to ya!
Sorta an observer here, but Jeff, you may have missed the point that Wayne bought the Stihl "4-mess" as he calls it because he had owned an older Stihl that he had been very pleased with--it wasn't some other brand. If his 4-mix had performed at the level of his 2-stroke Stihl, it appears he would have been happy with it.

After years of reading this forum, don't know what it is about Stihl that brings the passion out--both for and against. No other brand seems to bring out the strong feelings. For the most part, I guessing a fair amount of thought goes into equipment purchases, and yet there is no shortage of opinions of how bad the decisions were--oh well, it keeps the forum going!
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