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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
Yeah, that turf shaper is a lot like the turf revitalizer by rotadairon i used in the 80's. That thing was the heaviest 3 point implement i ever saw. It had a 4 ft. finished swath just like that, it just didn't have a seed box, but it was one of the best machine's for prepping hard ground i ever used, and in NC that ground is brick like red clay.
Yes its heavy If I remember right think its at 2k lbs .
I have 1k weights on front of the tractor and you can spin it around with the brakes without turning the front end.
This unit is 89 '' wide it working ground at 83'' wide.

Its made by Lely, They made one for the farm was 20ft wide but it didn't work well. You had to drive slow and have lots HP to run it. Most farmers would pull it to fast and rip the thing apart .

When I run mine I have to pull it in Low 1st any faster it doesn't do a good job
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