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Overseeding a Bermuda lawn with Bermuda seed????

I have a 10,000 sqft bermuda lawn that was sodded when my home was built in Jan of 2011. I am not a 100% sure but I think I have Tif 419. My lawn looks way better than what everyone else has that is being reffered to is contractor bermuda. I am not sure if this has something to do with my home being built in the winter. My question is can I over seed it in June with a product Like Sahara bermuda seed ( )

Would there be a noticeable look between the 2 grasses? Is it even possible? I never hear of people over seeding bermuda because of the it grows from stolons. I was just looking at my yard yesterday and it had some thin spots that looked like they could use some filling in.

Looking forward to hearing your responses.
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