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Originally Posted by Judo View Post
Not true Mark per State Farm Insurance guidelines. If you work full time for one employer and don't have your workers comp and liability insurance, then your an employee. So, yes indeed it has to do with time.
You may want to read what Ric says below.

Originally Posted by Ric View Post
I sprayed an Accountant's yard today and ask him about 1099 Employees. He said the IRS's definition would blow a lot of peoples minds. In other words a lot of companies using 1099 labor are in serious violation of the law.

Judo, I don't give a crap what State Farm has to say about emp vs sub. What I and anyone else should care about is what the IRS has to say about who is a sub and who is an employee, because they are the ones who matter.

Someone can work for me for a day and be an employee. Someone can work for me for 50 years and be a sub. Or vice versa.

You do realize that the IRS is who got Al Capone and many other mob bosses. Tax evasion, which is what it is if you incorrectly classify an employee vs sub.

Here is what the IRS has to say:

No where does it state time of employment as an requirement of employee vs subcontractor.
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