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It is all about the dealer ron mexico75. You could have the worst built machines ever, but if the dealer rocks your socks, it is usually a winner.

Now in my experience I will never EVER buy a gravely. You'd think having 2 gravely dealers within 10 miles would be a good thing. HAHAHAHAH. Yeah right. I wouldn't touch either of the gravely dealers in my neck of the woods with pamela anderson's d!ck. I don't see gravelys almost at all anymore in my neck of the woods for that matter. Everyone gone deere, exmark, scag and toro. I'd say dealers are gravely's number 1 problem.

Now for part 2. I was also lied to by both dealers. I demoed 2 walk behinds and a new pro-stance. Lied to on cash out the door prices. Lied to on quality of cut. Lied to on actual sturdiness and well built-ness. Heck, the pro-stance engine almost blew up on me while demoing it in the dealers lot. The walk behinds? don't even go there. Junk in my personal opinion.

In my personal opinion ron mexico75, I would refuse to use gravely. If your dealer is a good guy, then the choice is yours.
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