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Dump Truck or Dump Trailer

I know this has already been asked but I'm new to the forum and my question wasn't completely answered in the thread.

I'm a new company 1.5 years in. I'm growing quickly and originally had one little dump truck. I finally got big enough to justify having two trucks and got a Chevy 2500HD. After I got the Chevy the Dump truck had an engine fire and burnt to the ground..

I'm currently looking at a Loadtrail 5x10 7k with ramps tarp barn doors, spreader gate and side extension kit $4999.00

Also looking at a 2001 DODGE / RAM D350 with "244,934 miles on it", $11,995

Used 2001 Dodge D-350 dump truck, 9'L x 40''W x 4''H, removable wood side, steel floor, 7 way receiver, rub rail, 4 hooks on each side, 2 hooks on rear, barn door style gate.

Once my old truck burnt down I told myself no more long term assists with short term money.

I honestly don't know which one would be the smarter buy. I currently have 6 employees some have trucks but no one wants to take anything more than tools.

I do about 4 - 6 full landscape projects a month and my thought was if I go with the trailer I can leave it on some jobs. It also has a lower loading height which might speed up my crew? Less to insure and less to maintain. I worry that If I buy another truck that has issues if it dies I wont be able to afford anything because quite honestly I'm close to tapped out on excess cash.

I could really use some advise from people who are actually in it instead of all the little birdies in my ear that work in construction but not landscape construction.

Thanks in advance for any response!
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