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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
87% of my visits are 2 seconds or less, and up until a week ago I was geared towards construction in ad-words with no maintenance campaign. and I can't help but wonder if Google pays people to click ads, as I cant see someone looking for paver patios or retaining walls and in <2 seconds saying "oops, not this site".
- Google engaging in click-fraud is, in no way, a tactic that would be in their best interest, but it does happen via other avenues (competitors, for example). Where do you see these clicks coming from? Are they in your city/region? If Google hasn't proactively let you know there's an issue, and your own research leads you to conclude there is, you can have them open a case to look in to it.

- Where are you sending your Adwords-generated traffic? Your standard construction page, which is named new-pavers.html, or is there an optimized landing page I don't see? What was the copy you used for you ad? Is it re: paver construction, or the broader "landscape construction"?

I have additional feedback, but it could be a lot of words for naught, depending on what your Adwords copy says and where you send the traffic.
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