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Selling a lawn care business

Hello All,

I have had a landscape maintenace company now for almost 9 years. I am 29 and am thinking about selling the company and heading back to finish college and do something else. Was wondering if any of you have ever sold or bought a landscaping company and how much do you think I can get for mine. I currently have approx. 80 residential accounts and 16 commercial accounts. 2 trucks, 2 trailers, 3 commercial zero turns, 5 trimmers, 4 back pack blowers, 2 hedge trimmers, a billy goat 20hp parking lot blower. All equipment is stihl, 2 back pack blowers are almost new and they are the magnum 600. Not to mention all the misc tillers, bed edger, rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, etc. Business gross income is approx. 14k during the growing season(March-October) and 5K during the offseason(November-February). That is just strictly maintenace and does not include any extras I do including pine straw, mulch, tree trimming, planting, etc. Any help is appreciated. All commercial accounts are contracts, most of the residential are not, (but I could probably get most of them to sign if I needed to). Also comes with 2 employees who know the customers, the jobs, and how to run the equipment. Any help is appreciated!! Thank you
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