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Need Some Help

So I got a call today from a women who had a tennis court ripped up in the spring, the contractor who did this seeded it, but by the looks of the current "grass", it was one of those contractor mixes used to sprout fast. Well its all sparce weeds and dirt at this point. Its a 5000 sq ft rectangle, so my plan would be to come in and power rake it multiple times, then aerate the area, then seed, then straw/hay it. Now I have never done anything like this so would it be a job that I would bid at (time)+ Materials, and labor rates at 60/ guy or is this type of thing going for more like 35/guy? I know it will vary greatly upon area but I am not very knowledgable in this at all. I have to rent the aerator for a couple days for my mowing customers so I felt might help to get the seeds in the ground. Again guys im not necessarily asking for the "What would you do it for?" Threads, Id like to know if my process is a good way of doing things and if my bidding formula would be correct. Thank you
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