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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
This would be the page your Adwords ad's link sends the person who clicked on it.

There's going to be a bit of the "cold serving of reality" spooned out here, but I mean no offense and it will ultimately save you $500/month.

- If you don't know where you're sending people who click on your ad, you shouldn't be spending any money on a campaign, let alone that figure.

- If you're sending an Adwords click to anything other than an optimized page, you shouldn't be spending money on the campaign. People clicking on your ad want to end up where they think they're clicking. If they click your landscape construction ad and get whisked off to your home page, being expected to learn and understand what you do, clicking on the relevant page, and then finding your phone number or an email form, you're simply not going to convert.

The Landing Site:

- If you're selling landscape design/build services, your site should reflect the quality of your product. You're attempting to put a $3,000(?) Adwords budget on top of a $7/month DIY site and, essentially, hoping that it converts. I don't say this to sound like a dick, but this is akin to someone planting $100 worth of Petunias and then they turn around and spend $3,000 for another guy to come fertilize them. You can only do so much with Petunias.

As it is, your site has an "aged" look to it. 740 pixels wide was quite a few years ago. The very first testimonial, dated in 2007, while indicative of you being around for long enough to be trustworthy, also gives the vibe that the site may not have been touched since then.

The content (white on brown, for one) is just not engaging "looking". It simply looks crowded and is not an easy read. The homepage images, where you are likely sending your ad clickers, crowd the text, so that they are supposed to read a narrow column of text. The main navigation wraps to a second line to allow for the Contact Us page.

I just jumped back to the first time I reviewed the site and I see that you still have some of the same, uncorrected issues. On 3 different pages, you have 3 different fonts.
Home Page Content: 18px Times New Roman
Construction Page: 16px Times New Roman
Testimonials Page: 13px Arial

All in all, I would probably recommend that you study up on Adwords campaigns, value propositions or solid selling messages, landing page conversion, put some more work in to your site, and then try again. If design isn't your thing, find a great template or use some of your ad spend to hire it out. If you don't, I don't think you're going to ever convert those clicks, or get out of that 1 or 2 second bounce. In this day and age, people make very quick decisions.
I see what you mean, i think i put in my home page for my maint. Campaign not knowing any difference- and when i started my construction campaign i left it there, again not knowing any difference. In the next 3-6 months i will probably (depending on funds) have my site redone by a pro. For now i'll keep my campaigns paused and lick my wounds.
That being said, it still doesn't account for 87% of clicks being <2 seconds, your eyes can't even focus on the page in that time.
What price range should i expect to be in for a professional built site (i know that depends on features,# of pages etc...) just need to brace myself.
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