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Originally Posted by tigerepairdotcom View Post
In my experience 2 stroke carbs RARELY go bad out of the 590 in the last 2 years (Computer look up) 2 stroke carbs I have ever cleaned/rebuilt I have only put 7 new carbs... For my shop Historically 98% of 2 stroke carbs are rebuild able

all the carbs I replaced the customer excessively tightened the adjustment screws or used screwdriver to take off and bent butterfly shaft rendering inoperable

You might consider using a shop with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Sometimes I thought I had to change a carb as a last resort Id spray carb cleaner into the high/low jet then blow with air 2 or 3 times BAM done. So unless you racked on your adjustment and screwed up the needle seat your carb is statistically rebuild able. Don't just give in to the shop not having the necessary equipment telling you you need new carb

If you don't have ultrasonic and you do this for a living you are joke..
Pardon my French, but WTF are you smokin?

Are we supposed to believe from your comment that you have never had a carburetor with the sealant come loose?

You have never had a carburetor come in that was varnished beyond repair?

You have never had a carburetor come in that had water/ethanol in it that corroded the body?

Speaking of a joke!
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