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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
Well....... ya tried to help him!

When the M.I.B come a'knockin' on yer: door.....
Jus' 'member what ol' "Tater Salad" said...
Guess I can try to ignore this know nothng.,..; know it all :
Guess all them 2 stroke schools didn't tell him that tampering with carb adjustments was illegal

Unless you have a certified 2 or 4 gas analizer...and are certified to use it..using your carb adjusting screwdrivers is there is no way to prove your adjustments did mpt compromise the emmisions...

I have never found a use for the magic cleaning box...aka..ultrasonic cleaner...
I just spray solvent thru the blocked passage. And reinstall the carb....
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