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I appreciate all of the responses. I was looking at some of the ride on sprayers, but like you suggested, I want to wait till I get another(or few more) larger properties. The areas to be sprayed are cut up, with pool, walking paths, 25k sq foot house, garages, etc . (plus hills). The turf is mainly st. Augustine, with a mix of some zoysia. It would probably hold the weight of our trucks, but the turf areas are so broken up by structures, I wouldn't be able to get my trucks in some of the areas. Unless, I used a Japanese truck with a skid maybe...hmmm..Can you get good coverage out of a tow behind 25 gallon boom sprayer? I have read several of y'alls previous post, and I believe with proper calibration; Nozzles (AI) I believe greendoctor recommends, you can get good coverage. Thoughts? Thanks again for the replies.

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