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Originally Posted by Landscraper1 View Post
Herler, I don't get the comparison to transmission shop. Gutter cleaning and rebuilding a transmission are very different. Transmission work, you need special training and tools to accomplish. Gutters, a ladder and a bucket.
I agree with Herler's point. It is often best to go to someone who specializes in something rather than have someone who really doesn't know that industry really well try to do it.

Yours is a perfect example. You think gutter cleaning just requires a bucket and a ladder. But most professional gutter cleaning companies would disagree with you. They'd have multiple sizes of ladders; safety harnesses; insurance that specifically covers them for gutter cleaning for several stories; tools to clean out the downspouts; tools to clean out the rain drains (pipe going away from the gutter down spouts) if those were clogged; tools and parts to repair/replace the grates that often go between the gutter and the downspout; tools to repair broken gutters; the knowledge and experience to know when a gutter wasn't draining exactly right and that it needed repair, etc.

So yah, if your customer just wants to hire someone to scoop their hand into the gutter and get the leaves out, you could probably handle that. But their just not going to get nearly as professional of a job done as they would if they had hired someone like this company, who was set up to do it and had everything ready. Just look at that truck full of gear that company has! You think they have all that because they just want to look big?? There's a reason why they have all those ladders, all those service doors on the trucks, the trailer, other equipment there.

You're making Herler's point for him. Instead of just disagreeing, you should learn to be more receptive when someone experienced is trying to give you good advice.

Gutter cleaning is something that should really be left to the pros. Nothing wrong with doing the occasional job if someone REALLY wants only you to do it. That's happened here too. But I always let them know that we're not a professional gutter cleaning company and won't be able to do all the stuff that a professional outfit would. And I only do them if they're 1 story too. But most of the time, we encourage our customers to find a professional service to do it. It's not really in the same realm as landscaping.

Besides, do you really want that risk??? The risk of you or a worker falling off a 2-story ladder and breaking their back? All to make a couple hundred bucks??? There's easier ways in this industry to make money, Brother.
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