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Originally Posted by GlynnC View Post
Sorta an observer here, but Jeff, you may have missed the point that Wayne bought the Stihl "4-mess" as he calls it because he had owned an older Stihl that he had been very pleased with--it wasn't some other brand. If his 4-mix had performed at the level of his 2-stroke Stihl, it appears he would have been happy with it.

After years of reading this forum, don't know what it is about Stihl that brings the passion out--both for and against. No other brand seems to bring out the strong feelings. For the most part, I guessing a fair amount of thought goes into equipment purchases, and yet there is no shortage of opinions of how bad the decisions were--oh well, it keeps the forum going!
I will respectfully disagree with you that I missed Waynes point. Here is why...

Originally Posted by WayneJessie View Post
I purchased a Stihl way back in 95 when they were made in Japan. The thing lasted until 2000. I replaced it with a Stihl 4-mix piece of crap and that left such a bad taste in my mouth I went with RedMax and Shindiawa and have not regretted it. If I had to choose only one line of 2-strokes it would be RedMax. I've run the crap out of my BCZ2600S and its going on 8yrs old with not even a spark plug. I had a BCZ3000 that had a funky rattle in it from day one. It never gave any problems but it was just a little too heavy for my needs so I traded it in on another piece of equipment I needed. My 7500 blower is been flawless too though it seems a little on the heavy side. Then again it may just be me getting older...
So as you can see, Wayne purchased a Stihl back in 1995 and it lasted until 2000... At which time Wayne replaced it with a Stihl 4-Mix that he had problems with, although I haven't found any actual issues with it that he had mentioned... He then went with 2 other brands and has not regretted it! No mention of any other Stihl though...

Fast forward 13 YEARS LATER, and he is still b!tching about the Stihl 4-Mix that gave him so much trouble!

Not to mention, he pops in to spew useless information on MisterBreeze's thread that was simply asking how he could salvage his engine?

Thats how I see it... I could be wrong...
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