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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
20' !!!

I can't imagine one of those 20' wide, that would take some serious horsepower. The one i used was all that little MF135 could handle.
My turf Shaper use to pull it with a MF165 gas but it like it gas to much

That 20' one guy owns says he use his 200hp tractor and he said you knew it was there

I gone farm sales that offer them and most time they are junk I buy them and get good parts off them scrap the rest

The guy owns the 20' one it looks very good. I told him I want first chance to buy it when he is ready to sale it
I don't have nothing pull it but I figure I would take it apart main is 10ft and 2 wings are 6ft I want the 10ft section I can pull it.
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