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Deere Select series 700 tractors

I've been looking at them for some time, because I don't use a tractor enough to justify a diesel. Even if I bought a used one, down the road the rebuild costs of a diesel are expensive. The thing is, if I'm going to move to a tractor that big I want a 3 point hitch. The 700 series has to be ordered to get the 3 pt. hitch. I don't know if it will accept a sleeve hitch (like the 500 series) or not. I don't think so. With a 3 pt. hitch the 700 series gets into "One" series pricing territory...and it's a diesel. I have a 345 Deere now with the water cooled Kawasaki engine, a 54" deck and a sleeve hitch, but I want something heavier for ground engaging implements, a loader, etc.
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