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Ride-on spreader owners!

I own both a L.T. Rich Z-Max and a Permagreen Magnum. I owned the PG first and had no intentions of owning 2 ride ons. I was forced to buy the Rich in an emergency because the PG just wouldn't run day in and day out. I am now getting close to ready to buy an additional Rich.

But, the point of the post is, the PG. is everyone else's as big of a piece as mine is? When it was under warranty they tried to get out of every issue. Required me to spend literally hours on the phone, and were not helpful. Mine started giving us trouble at less than 100 hours. I am OCD when it comes to maintenance. It's basically a back up now. Still only has 382 hours on it. We are using it for lime right now, when it operates properly. Today for example the roll pin that holds the broadcaster in place came out of the shaft. It's never anything huge, but it seems like it is always something.

My Rich on the other hand runs flawlessly every day. And anything that has ever gone wrong with it they have been extremely helpful and overnighted the parts on their dime. They have also given me spare parts, "just in case you ever need them."

Input anyone?
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