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Originally Posted by austins35 View Post

hate to buy something that I won't be able to utilize to its full potential.
the machine is under powered[/QUOTE]

Curious if you have really used one? I find that most people on here have really only kicked the tire but assume that it is underpowered. To this I say not really in every week normal mowing. Every mower could use more power, YES.
So to put every one in check that say that it is under powered I pulled out my trusty honda HRC 216 and ran it side by side through 4" wet growth.
Yes I had to go slower with the exmark 30 but was faster in the long run. Over all cut quality was better with the exmark 30 but the drawback was having to scrape the deck more often.
I then went back and grabbed the bravo 25 and the bravo won in the back yard, but not by much. The bravo is way faster in wet grass than the exmark 30 but in dry grass doesn't compare. Cut quality was better on the exmark 30.
Grabbed an old exmark 26 and they were neck and neck. Exmark 30 had better quality.

So overall I and my guys if presented with any of the above mentioned mowers, hands down would grab the exmark 30. Prove it every day.

Now if they made a 9hp honda engine or Kawi engine to put on the thing I believe the exmark hydro 36 would get used less. (ok probably not)
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