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You have never had a carburetor come in that was varnished beyond repair?
You have never had a carburetor come in that had water/ethanol in it that corroded the body?

They are so few and far between they were negligible to mention Most of those failed compression test and didn't get fixed because customer bought for 70-100 and didnt want to spend as much as purchase price. NOW WE~RE GETTING OFF TOPIC

Look dudes. We obviously got off on the wrong foot with my ultrasonic cleaner and my comment about shops that don't use them being a joke. I take back that and should have approached that differently.

We also got off topic when somone mentioned my high rev with air lean on a 4 stroke which was a mistake However you got the guy taking his governer apart when it could just as kilely have been a starving carb with a stretched spring to rev higher. THATS NOT THE POINT

Guess I can try to ignore this know nothng.,..; know it all :

STOP RIGHT THERE, That's enough. We obviously are all qualified technicians. But I think we both have a chip on our shoulders, Let me take a step back and stop this foolishness. This is not jerry springer. I request we start all over again Rather than be enemies. We can confer and share out knowledge and do what we're here to do Help mechanics and landscapers with some mechanical knowledge. Truce?

(Offers hand shake through Comp) Lets get back to helping people, eachother and get off eachothers toes. I came outta nowhere with my knowledge and i approached it the wrong way.
It is very important for you to post your results once the problem is solved so that people will be able to reference a solution to their problem down the road. YEARS may go by and someone has the same problem PLEASE POST YOUR "IT WAS FIXED WITH x SOLUTION.
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