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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I wasn't asking a question and I know that understanding soils is NOT complicated... there is more complication in pancake batter in order to make "The Perfect Pancake"...

Soil friability and tilth are both easy to understand as you see and feel what you soil is doing... schools tend to complicate it with poor pix in bad textbooks... I played in the garden when I was 4 years old instead of a sandbox and quickly recognized the difference... my childhood was involved in building up the garden soil...

In my neighborhood every 4 yr. old understood WHY the garden stayed wet so much longer than the sandbox after a rain... so much confusion about irrigation on this forum and no one knows if their lawn is a sandbox or a well tended garden soil... plz don't tell me I need to go to school and learn what I need to know... It is insulting to any intelligence level to indicate that friability and tilth are too complicated to see and feel for one's self...
Smallaxe, I have to agree with easy-lift-guy on this honestly. We and I appreciate you sharing all your knowledge on soil and lawns, especially on the forum. I've learned a great deal from you myself.

I agree with you to a degree, an education only gives you the building blocks for learning. I've learned a great deal without an education in this field, just by listening, discussing, and debating on the forum. Part of that has with the determination I have to learn this type of stuff, because like you, I grew up being outside in the yard.

However, you have to also realize there are people that are just getting started and don't know the basic principles, or even what's needed to keep a lawn "green." An education gives you those building blocks, or better yet, rather than paying for an "education" I learned a computer and some determination to learn can go just as far as a formal education.

Like you said, there's not too much to learning this stuff, but there is basic principles that must be understood which you can learn online by yourself and countless hours, or an education can help you achieve that goal. In my opinion, you want to learn this stuff, you'll learn it whether it be online and researching or an education. But if you don't have a passion or desire to learn it, it's simple, your not going to learn it.

I agree with both of you to a point, but Smallaxe, you also have to realize there are people that weren't born with this "natural". An education may give them the building blocks, while you could get the same education online with a desire to learn. Either way is a good route in my books, only if you have a desire to learn and educate yourself.

In person effort and trial and error can be your best education, but there comes a point to where you can only mess up so many times before you realize you have to understand the basic principles.
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