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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
I never said they aren't good trucks, believe me I have owned every engine model almost of every diesel pickup manufacturer and they all have there quirks. But as for those problems being non existent in job 2 and job 3 trucks not so true. Yes they were better then job 1 but the issues where still present. Good friend of mine owns a performance shop that specializes in ford's and I have seen many 2009,2010 6.4 with cabs off getting serious repairs done to them. Point in case a lot of these costly repairs can be prevented by bullet proofing these trucks
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I agree. The 6.4 has almost no head gasket trouble in stock form( much better than the 6.0) however with the HP potential of the 6.4 and the ease of boosting it bulletproofing is a good first step.
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