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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
That being said, it still doesn't account for 87% of clicks being <2 seconds, your eyes can't even focus on the page in that time.
I think you might be surprised how quickly people can make a decision, especially if they end up some place other than where they think they should, or would, want to be. It took me no more than a second to realize why you weren't converting.

If you're still concerned about validity of the clicks, are you sure your ads were targeting only your local service area and used exact match keywords?

What price range should i expect to be in for a professional built site (i know that depends on features,# of pages etc...) just need to brace myself.
You can reasonably expect to pay $750 to $?,???, depending on needs/customization/included services.

Pricing is really no different than lawn mowing, or any other service. You can always find someone who will gladly take your $20 to mow your half acre.
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