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my 36 pro walk leaves a good cut. it is very hard to operate compared to my exmark.. I never can get the controls right, I thought i had it right this week, it worked good yesterday, then today it won't turn left so good again. I think it could get better if i figure out how to adjust it properly, but so far all season its been a huge pain in my a$$. My exmark is similar, belt driven as well and it is so much easier to operate.. my exmark metro is 13 years old, i had it serviced at the start of the season and all i have to do is start it and mow and never had any issues this year with it like i do the brand new gravely. but my exmark doesn't leave as good a cut as the gravely with the mulch plate.

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Wow is that right? With the 2 posts it's some things to think about. I mean, I could post I'm getting a new eXmark and I guess people could post the same things. However, I'm glad you all posted. Its good to get both sides and especially the fact both you guys own?owned Gravely.
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