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Originally Posted by Landscraper1 View Post
Jim ,
You are making the job out to be more complicated then it is. As for men falling off of roofs, we already do tree work, which is just as risky. Any full service landscaping company will have the ladders and simple tools needed to clean most gutters. You must have some very advanced gutter cleaning companies, where you are. All I have ever seen them with, are ladders, buckets, hoses, and perhaps a power washer.

What I am questioning is whether or not a full service landscape business should do gutters? As I mentioned, I don't care for it. Not because it's "complicated." I just wonder how many out there do it and consider it the landscaper's job.
What I was saying is; as landscaping companies we're not really as set up to do a full gutter cleaning job like the pros would be. And I don't consider it to be something we should be doing anyway. Gutters are not part of the landscape - or really even close. And it's not really profitable work, especially compared to the risk.

But hey, whatever buddy, you want to talk yourself into it - knock yourself out. I was just giving my perspective. Not really something I care to mess with. There are easier ways to make money in this industry.
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