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Originally Posted by herler View Post
For $500 I'd be worried that it was stolen, also those engines don't leak gas, not like that anyhow... Probably you need to fix the carburetor float mechanism and if fuel has gotten inside the engine you need to change the oil and filter immediately because it has been contaminated, and the longer you wait to fix that fuel leak situation the more often you get to change oil and filter (like try daily) and if you don't change the oil and filter that thousand dollar 15hp Kohler won't last long at all.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day;-) Herler hit it on the head I think. That mower should fetch double that. Even with pistol grips. Easy carb to service. Probably just a bit of dirt in the needle and seat. Factory fuel filter was 80 micron on those if I remember. They probably picked up some crud, then changed the filter afterward.
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