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Well, had a go today and all I can say is... FAIL!

Found the plug and the star "thingy" but it wouldnt turn. There is so little space and going off a mirror didnt help much either. To be honest, I didnt know which way to turn it and if it was the wrong way, I dont know how I would of got it back. Just no room to turn that star thing.

I did release the breaks, adjusted to medium on the turn buckle thing but still no go.

Fortunately my local mechanic will try and squeeze it in today between other jobs and get it sorted. He'll take the hub apart and check it all out and adjust from the inside.

What I did see is that it hasnt been adjusted right for a long time. Im pretty sure this is the side that had the failure and replaced. Unfortunately know one adjusted it properly.
As you can see from the botom left pic, the "lever" has been hitting the frame for some time. Long enough to wear it down. God only knows how much stress this has put on the linkages.
The other side had a lot more room to adjust but even with it almost hitting the frame it still wouldnt hold on even a minor slope.

So yeah, what a PITA!
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