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Originally Posted by nickz123 View Post
...but do all of you know about seeding and how to make a customers lawn look greener if a customer were to ask you how to make there lawn look greener or can you seed there lawn would you do it or refer them to a seeding company... me personally i dont know to much about seeding and making a lawn look greener but id love to learn any help ????
Yes, many of us here do. Here are some things I believe that may help you or give you an idea of what to learn first:

Biggest problem leading to poor turf: not enough water
Second biggest problem: too much water
Biggest determining factor in lawn's appearance: the type (species) of grass growing
Best thing you can do first to improve almost any lawn: mow more often, at appropriate height, and at slower ground speeds than most guys mow

After that, fertilizing, overseeding, aerating, power raking, topdressing, treating for weeds and insects are all practices that can improve lawns.
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