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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
What I was saying is; as landscaping companies we're not really as set up to do a full gutter cleaning job like the pros would be. And I don't consider it to be something we should be doing anyway. Gutters are not part of the landscape - or really even close. And it's not really profitable work, especially compared to the risk
Thanks Jim,

I agree with you on 2 points. It shouldn't be a landscaper's job and it's not very profitable. The problem comes up when it's on the specs, for a property, to bid on. One of the posts here, mentioned that they have a roofing company, they work with. Perhaps, that is the way to go. If it's on the specs, sub out to a roofing company.

[/QUOTE] But hey, whatever buddy, you want to talk yourself into it - knock yourself out. I was just giving my perspective. Not really something I care to mess with. There are easier ways to make money in this industry.[/QUOTE]

I was actually, trying to talk myself OUT of it. I called the manager that asked us to do the gutters and told him, no. But, this is a property that I have been maintaining for 6 years and I know they will not get another landscaper, because I don't do gutters.
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