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nice truck junior. I have two 6.4's. 2008 with flatbed and 65k miles and a 2010 just like yours with 61k miles.

the 2008 had some radiator issues and some problems with sensors and a rear seal leak.
I just added a leaf spring and new shocks on the 2008 flatbed and it is a true joy to drive now. If you are going to haul a full sized machine, I highly recommend the extra leaf. The 2008 and newer trucks have longer leaf springs. Smoother ride but they flex more and can/will squat or bottom out on bumps. The extra leaf doesn't make the ride any stiffer and I'm on crappy roads a lot and it only raised my rear end up an inch. Before that I thought I had steering problems but everything was within tolerances in the steering box which led me to look at the suspension.

Have fun with all the mods that are out there! These trucks were made to work!

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