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HELP! What to plant/lightening. Images inside


I have some questions and I HOPE someone can help me with it/give suggestions. I have to mention that I live across of Detroit in Canada. I figured this might be important as to what plants may survive and such. I looked my city up - I'm at a Hardiness Zone 6b (-5F to 0F)

So recently I saved some money and decided to hire a landscaper. I bought some shrubs (next year I'll find out if my selection is passable in spring) and our landscaper redesigned our lot... I love how he did it.

I needed a landscaper primarily because:

1- Apparently when the driveway was build, a LOT of stones (yes stones and even medium/large rocks) were in our soil (some all the way 4 feet deep)... and maybe because I'm a woman or maybe I lack the right tools - but I could never dig through all that for the life of me... so the landscaper took care of it

2- In front of our house = forests. We have laid beds/seeded/etc grass 4 times and flooded it with water (yep had t professionally done)... we ALWAYS end up with more weeds... persistent things won't die - hence we settled for stones in our garden

3- I'm not good with plants - what grows where, what needs what and I just lack that designer vision I think.

4- Needed someone to replace the soil/bring more in

So pictures 1 through 6 show my lawn - a little oddly shaped - assuming the mid gap was there to provide parking for another car.

The other side of our lawn was left untouched and I want do something about it since fall is a good time to plant (see pictures 7 and 8). Basically, it's a long strip between my neighbor and me - about a little over 5.5 feet in width and 4 SUVs in length (didn't measure length just estimated it).

So my questionS are

1- On that small strip of land (see images), what plants would you suggest? Any specific designs some to mind. Remember it's 5.5 feet wide. So trees/shurbs need to be smaller in diameter... unless I can talk our neighbor into it... he loves trees. Again I'm at Hardiness Zone 6b (-5F to 0F)

My plan so far: Destroying the entire strip of land, getting some top soil, laying down a weed barrier fabric and possibly using stones to crush those weeds for years to come?

2- Any suggestions or possibly lightening designs?

3- Should I use a fertilizer for the new plants?

4- Any other suggestions. I'm thinking of getting a large size boulder and setting it at the front of my garden (where there is space on the stones next to that hideous pole - see image 1)... maybe even placing my home's address number on it

Thanks... and sorry for the lengthy e-mail
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