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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
I get these requests too and have for the 11 years I have been in business. I have to date not done one ever. Now when I was an employee for another landscaper he use to do about 25 or so of these jobs every year. After having a ladder kick out from under me and hanging off the roof and after knowing another guy had a similar experience only his was the second story I decided to never agree to this type of job. I make my money off my back and my balls but it's my back that does the heavy lifting and if I am injured then I cannot earn and income. What that means is I weigh the risks of certain jobs and turn down any that may result in my future loss of work.
Same here. I don't do them.
As a solo operator and main income provider in the house, it's simply not worth the risk. If I get hurt, who's paying my bills? No thanks.

I did a garage roof gutter once that I could get to with an 8' stepladder. It was clogged full and there was no "blowing it out".
Jobs like that though are easy enough for most homeowners, so there's not much demand for "easy" gutter cleaning.

If someone else does gutters, good for them. It doesn't make any difference to me. They can have all the gutter work they want. I don't need it.
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