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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
Anyone ever get one of these engines to not turn over with fluid locking the engine? We tried one of these units this year as a backup / over flow machine really and at 57 hours on Monday it wouldnt turn over. We pulled the spark plug and spit out a bunch of something. The service guy is trying to say its fuel/oil. Not sure what to think. We usually get 400 hrs a yr on each ride on and im not sure this GL is up to that.
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Had that happen on one of my mowers. Turns out its the needle valve in the carb. Needle valve gets particles on it from the ethanol in the fuel and this allows fuel to continue to run into the carb which then goes into the engine oil.

Go to pull the starter rope and about pulled my arm out of my shoulder. Said WTF. Checked oil and was overfull and smelled of gas.

Keep the fuel shutoff when not using and it solves the problem. I also found a local station that sells non ethanol fuel. Ive been using that this year.

Not an engine problem but a fuel problem.

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