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Never heard of that before... just kidding, it always bugged me when a guy from the factory would say that. service bull 505 issued in June of 2012 addressed loose wheel motor bolts. We got it down to a serial number range and yes I was seeing it happen under 150 hours. If you had a loose bolt it would have showed up by then. We asked all the dealers to inspect their inventory that fell within this range and also any unit coming in for service. We covered the cost of the inspection. In a perfect world, if you have an affected machine and brought it in for an oil change the dealer should have removed the drums and checked the bolts.
If you have more than 200 hours on your machine I'm thinking you got something else going on. Shoot me the serial # and I'll check if it's in the range. If your mate needs the SB on hub removal and install let me know.

Brian O

Brian O
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