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Originally Posted by toomuchtime View Post
Cool project hopefully it works out for you. You are right there is nothing worse then seeing 200 year old oak trees dead. We have the same problem here in San Diego but our oak trees get the gold spotted oak borer. They have killed hundreds of acres of oak trees. There is not cure or end in sight for us. They cannont figure out how to get rid of this thing. They suspect it came in on firewood from arizona.
That's generally how things get out of whack. An invasive species or pathogen blows in, is carried in via firewood, pallets, or lumber, and there is no natural resistance. Imagine how lucrative a cure for your problem would be if you got in on the ground floor of a treatment even if it's not 100%? I imagine even a broke state like CA would find the money to subsidize landowners who are trying to save their trees. Texas has or did have some grant monies for some oak wilt treatments like trenching. I'd personally rather see my tax dollars go towards preserving old trees than go to putting people in free housing or a lifetime of food stamps.

I know that along the PCH there have been a lot of sudden oak deaths. Different pathogen than oak wilt but similar results.

For bugs, there will probably be some type of other bug used to control them until that predator bug gets out of balance and affects something else.
Where I live there are plenty of warnings and information available for contractors to learn about oak wilt. I've talked to tree companies that have NO knowledge whatsoever. To me, that is inexcusable ignorance but as you know there are too many fly-by-night contractors that muddy the water for the rest of us and do anything for a buck even if there are quarantines zones for moving infected wood.

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