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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Unless you/scaper come up with a great plant to grow in that strip between houses,,, just leave it be or perhaps fill it with more stone similar to your rock gardens... soil is NOT your major issue between houses and I wouldn't throw the money away on soil or soil work...
Thanks for your response! I kinda was not thinking of one plant... more like a couple of shurbs.... possible dunno larger ones that take up some space... example a Global Cedar... maybe some pines/junipers. Sorry I feel so stupid because I just don't know enough about gardening/classes/growth etc. Remember the strip of land is relatively LONG... we're talking about 4 SUVs in length... so that's a lot of plants. BTW the length I'm referring to is actually fron the beginner of the driveway until the end (so in FRONT of the house). It does not incorperate the strip of land actually between the houses (structure).
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