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Turf Tiger Light Kit - QUESTION

Hey guys. I am about to purchase some lights for my Turf Tiger and when I went to the Scag website, it says that it comes with 2 lights at 38w each for a total of 76 watts. BUT - it says the Cheetah's lights are 50w each for total of 100 watts. Any idea why/what the difference? I'm asking because I found the light kit on ebay and it says for TT, but also says it is 100 watts. Want to know why there is a difference and if it will cause any problems. Below is the text from the Scag site. Thanks!!

The optional halogen light kit fits 2002 through current model Z-Cat, Tiger Cub, Tiger Cat, Wildcat, Turf Tiger, Cheetah and Sabre Tooth Tiger mowers.

The kit comes with all the necessary mounting brackets and wiring harnesses for a top-quality installation. The on/off switch is located on the right side light mounting bracket and can easily be reached from the operator's position.

Two super bright halogen lights deliver 38 watts each for a total of 76 watts of lighting power (Cheetah has 100 total watt light system). The lights are mounted towards the center of the mower, providing properly aimed light when turning and their location keeps them well protected from branches and other debris.

Talk to your Scag dealer today and brighten up your Scag mower!
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