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No, sorry this has gotten so complicated. Perhaps my use of "pregerminated" was not botanically accurate.

Seed swollen by water to speed germination. If the seed ever got to the point of emergence I felt the fuse was lit and I needed to get it down same day and care for it - dozens of spots - as you would for a new lawn. Tried to avoid that and wasted some seed occasionally.

To be clear: the seed never did time under the tarp, only the topdressing mix did. In some other old thread(s) I wrote about pregerminating seed in damp soil in wheelbarrows and 5 gallon pails. I did some of that and used it withind 2-3 days of introducing the seed to the soil. My preferred method is as above and not terribly different from what I used to do. It is more of a refinement. My method is not the first and last word on the topic. In fact, if I learned today that I needs to repair a bunch of spots Tuesday, I am not sure what my first move would be today. Probably to make sure I had the appropriated seed on hand.
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