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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Don't forget about the weight situation. A bigger hopper means you are pushing more dead weight. And naturally you will seldom add more than 50 pounds. A bigger spreader takes up more room on the trailer or pickup. And when you lift it onto the pickup...its hard on your back. Drop by the dealer and put two unopened bags of fert in the hopper and push it around on some uphill grass. Now imagine lifting the spreader (which probably weighs 50 pounds) partially full of fertilizer, onto your truck and off about 16 times per day.
That's all very true. So maybe I should just order that 50lb earthway.....

I would just drive out to JDL and get the Lesco, but it seems finding any charts that are half way easy and reliable is hard. I hear you can buy Lesco only products and the setting is on the bag. However, I use several different suppliers.
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