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I never give a hourly rate. Only quote the job as a whole. If they don't like they price well then theres plenty of other guys out there that will do it cheaper. I hate hearing or seeing hourly rates like when you bring your car to get fixed and see the sign behind the mechanics desk that says $90/hr.
After you've done a few cleanups you'll start to understand how long they take. The biggest thing I've learned is to always walk the property and kick the leaves to see how deep it is. Ive bid a few jobs just from driving by and once I showed up to do the job with all my equipment find out that below the fluffy leaves from this season is a thick pile of leaves from last season. I packed my gear up and sent the owner another price which he didn't accept.
Just know your expenses and what you need to bring home at the end of the day to pay the bills and make a living. Fall clean ups are definitely a good money maker if you price things right and have the right tools. I always know my gas expenses during the fall grow compared to the spring and summer. If its a solo cleanup job I start at a minimum of $125-150, and thats for the smallest yard.
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