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First photo is when the first machine holed through. Tunnel length was 2.11 miles each with 16 micro tunnels or cross passages connecting them throughout the run. The cross passages serve as electrical junction areas and emergency egress once the tunnel is operational and running light rail trains.

Second photo is at the yard making a pick with our 4100

Third is our concrete hauling situation. We had 4 of these 12 yard front discharge trucks. We bought them somewhere back east, all of them were pretty much not operational so the mechanics had their work cut out for them when they arrived. These trucks were used to transport mud so the flat bottom, or invert, of the tunnel could be poured first and the sidewalks came second. I drove one for about 3 weeks filling in for a guy on the sidewalk pouring crew. Absolutely wild, 30MPH going head first, backing out was about 15-20MPH. Clearance was fairly minimal, even worse when we started pouring sidewalks as the forms stuck out so far into the alignment it was inches on each side. Trucks were automatics thankfully, had quite a few lights on them as well as backup cameras. Tunnel foot traffic was strictly prohibited when trucks were hauling mud, even with the cameras at the speeds we needed to run, it was too much of a risk. The invert pouring crew was hauling 300 yards of mud a day, which would pour about 600 feet of finished tunnel floor.

Last photo was a little project I worked on at our training grounds. I needed 2 weeks of training hours to complete my apprenticeship and journey out so I took dozer despite not having been on one for almost 2 years.
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